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.:May 27, 2008::6:45 pm:.
She said, "you know me well"
mood - frustrated
rm, please!

edit, going private :)

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.:May 23, 2008::2:19 pm:.
mood - shocked
I got an Acceptable, an Outstanding, and an Exceeds Expectations on my W.O.M.B.A.T.S. I'm really pleased :)

OOPS! I ripped my pants!
.:May 22, 2008::5:13 pm:.
I'ma give you watcha want
mood - 95 degrees hot
Okay, so WTF @ David Cook winning American Idol? And those little Asian kids not winning on the Mini-DWTS?! What is happening to American reality televsion watchers? Honestly.

Had a study group for my Bio test yesterday, because that's how cool our Accelerated Biology class is. Execpt, as usual, we ended up playing ping-pong in my backyard. Isscool, though, 'cause I *totally* aced the essay test today. This probably sounds really weird, but I hate easy tests...

OOPS! I ripped my pants!
.:May 17, 2008::8:22 pm:.
mood - pensive
I miss you guys :(

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.:July 11, 2007::9:31 pm:.
The best one by far, but
They TOTALLY fucked up The Veil scene.

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.:June 25, 2006::11:29 am:.
Look around at all the people you see
mood - bored
UGH. Today I woke up with the worst kink in my neck of all time. Last night I read for like four hours straight on my side, and I didn't realize the side-effects until I woke up. I honestly thought I was paralyzed. Moving any muscle in my body, including my fingers, hurt like ABSOLUTE HELL. Especially my head. I had to lie perfectly still. Then I started turning my head, mm by mm feeling the worst, intense pain of my life. So now I can turn my head right, but turning back KEELZ. At least I can walk now, and only my head is hurting... but seriously. PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


I'm babysitting tonight.

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.:June 24, 2006::4:38 pm:.
mood - my eyes hurt
I just finished my reading of the MsScribe story. I started at 11:40 and it is now 4:38. I have left my room twice.

All I can say is...


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.:June 19, 2006::5:11 pm:.
Dear flist, a question.
mood - curious
I have many, many times found myself pondering over the different ways that bloodlines can be arranged. For example, if a muggleborn reproduces with a muggleborn, is the child a half-blood? But this is one that is really tickling me:

Let's say that a child is born to a deceased father and a mother that dies in labor. Both are muggles and the child is a muggleborn. The Ministry, having automatically registered the child as a wizard, assigns the baby to a wizarding family. But, GASP, the family is purely pureblood! Now I know in all physical reality this child is still a poor muggleborn, but who would really know that? Wouldn't everyone else know that child as a pureblood? and, if that child married a pureblood, would it be considered a continuation of the bloodline socially? AND, to take it a step further, that couple's child would be "pureblood"- but half-blood physically.

I'd like to hear your views on this. What do you think about each aspect? How would this be important in Wizarding society? I know it can't be common, but there must be a handful every generation in Wizarding World. What would be the social ramifications?


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.:June 11, 2006::4:52 pm:.
You should follow me down
mood - ecstatic
I just dug up an interview with Louis Doyle from last year, LOL. This kid is my hero.

Interviewer: Are you doing Order of the Phoenix?
Louis Doyle (Ernie MacMillan): No, but I may be in Half Blood Prince.


Interviewer: Do Hufflepuffs do it with eachother, like the Gryffindors do?
Louis: Well my mate Charlotte was in Harry Potter, and we do it all the time.

Hellz yes, Hufflepuffs do it best!

Interviewer: How would you describe The Cadets' sound?
LD: A mesh of homosexual tendencies…

LOL [=

ps, my favorite song EVER (for right now) is oxygen by willy mason... i found it on louis' myspace, and now im in loveeeee with it! YAY.

ALSO, Ana, your mix is amazing! I've listened to the entire thing tiwce and the Doves song like 11 times since this morning! *G*

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.:June 11, 2006::12:14 pm:.
Okay. Is Maire reading? Is she ever reading?

The Merry Wives of Winsdor has so topped The Tempest as the best Shakespeare play EVER. I saw this one at a modern theatre, and they had these hilarious puppets, and Falstaff (sp?) was this ENORMOUS balloon-like puppet. It was highlarious, and the plot was pretty wicked.

PS, FANDOMERS I need a Redhead PB resource that is NOT RUPERT and QUICKLY PLS.

PPS, I love Kaylee. :]

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